Lesson 92

Proverbs 10:28 says:

The prospect of the righteous is joy, but the hopes of the wicked are cut short.

What kind of future do you have? To many, it may seem bleak. Yet, this verse explicitly says that if we are a child of God, our future is brighter than all the suns in the galaxy. I think we all need to get our vision checked.

We are all guilty of this. What we see is generally only the moment. Yes, we might be looking down the road, but do we really know what that road holds? Let me give you a scenario.

A man gets sentenced to jail for two weeks. It might seem that he knows exactly what that next two weeks holds – misery. Ah, but does he really? Not a clue. He does not realize that he will meet another man that will become a close friend and whom he will help lead to Christ. Misery? I don’t think so.

A woman loses her job. All sees is the inability to bring in money and the financial mess ahead of them. How does she know that a better job that she will enjoy is not there where she can’t see it? She doesn’t know.

This is what is so sad about Christians. We spend so much time worrying, depressed, sad, or anxious when we are the ones who have no reason to be. So what if we lost our job? Something better is already on its way. So what if the car died? He’s got it worked out already. So what!!!!!!! We are the biggest control freaks on the planet. If we don’t know all the details, then no one does. Listen to yourself!

I heard a preacher say that when we act like this, we are assuming that the problem caught God unaware. We act as though God is up in heaven wringing his hands in a panic. Who needs the reality check? We do.

Stop worrying about your life and everyone else’s business. Stop worrying! The bank account is low? His isn’t. Why would a non-believer want to be a part of God’s world if we act no different than they do? Believing in Him would be a waste of time to them. Show them that they are wrong. Show them that living for God is something different and you got something extraordinary and out of this world.