Lesson 89

Proverbs 10:25 says:

When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever.

Sometimes the storms of life are not the devil or just bad luck. Sometimes the storms of life are God sweeping through to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is during these storms that we truly find out who we are.

It was recently, that I discovered that I was not as righteous as I thought. In the past, I always stood through a storm. That does not mean that I did not cry, feel the pain, or was not effected in any way. What it did mean was that I clung to the only Anchor there is. This last storm was something different.

This storm was close to home. I felt the wind come sweeping through the Christian community and I could not handle the severity of it. I watched some of the worst come out of Christians and I have up hope. The storm came and I could not stand. I had never felt so lost.

This storm seemed to have left the wicked standing. I was confused. What had happened? A different perspective.

This time I was in the middle of the storm. I was weak. There was no support around me from others and I was unprepared. I was gone. The truth could only be seen after the storm had ripped through and only a few after effects could be felt.

The wicked were effected, but not the way I had hoped or imagined. It was the kind of storm that took me down immediately, but the damage to the wicked was slow to show itself. God had not attacked me. He had attacked the wicked and I was too weak not to join them. I got swept up in the force of the winds and forgot to hang on. For a while I was with the wicked, and I have never been more depressed. Being without God is emptiness. I understand why those that did not believe in Him or had any hope committed suicide. There is nothing without God.

Lessons can be hard to learn. They can be extremely painful. Yet, those lessons that have the deepest scars are the ones we remember the most and give us the wisdom that we rejected before. Only after the fact do we appreciate all the trials we go through and pray that others will see our scars and think twice.