Lesson 88

Proverbs 10:24 says:

What the wicked dreads will overtake him; what the righteous desire will be granted.

What does the wicked dread? At first we think nothing because they are wicked. Ah, but they have yet to see the full extent of their wickedness.

Have you ever seen the video or heard the song by the Christian singer, Carmen, entitled “The Witch’s Invitation”? In this, he narrates how a warlock invited him to his home to gloat over his accomplishments. He bragged about cursing people and being able to control demons. What he did not realize as Carmen points out to him is that the truth of the matter was that he did not control the demons. When his end would come, he would not be walked down a red carpet and welcomed with open arms by Satan. Instead, the very demons he “controlled” would be the ones that dragged him by their snarly fingers into hell and tormented.

What the wicked dread is the hell they have created for others being imposed on them for eternity. What they dread will overtake them for they have no control.

What do the righteous desire? To spend eternity with God. They will receive their deepest desires.

This leads me to thinks of what I desire the most. With sadness I realize that eternity with God has not been on the forefront. Do I desire it? Yes. But has other things crept in and pushed it down the list? Yes. Why? Because I have accepted, I have accepted the fact I’ll be with Him forever. Therefore, why desire it if I already have it promised? This is incorrect thinking I want to point out because when that desire is not there, the desire to follow Him also falls to the wayside. What a mess I have made.

Time of introspection is upon me and us all. Where do we stand in what we desire the most? What are your deepest wants and desires? Do they honestly meld with God’s or do they pull you away from Him? This is something to think about and to act upon. This cannot be taken lightly. Salvation is in the balance.