Lesson 87

Proverbs 10:23 says:

A fool finds pleasure in evil conduct, but a man of understanding delights in wisdom.

I read this verse and think about a particular person I knew. She claimed to love Jesus, yet her actions leaned more to the first part of the verse instead of the second. Wisdom was nothing she ever sought.

Time and time again she would put herself into situations where she slept with any man she was with. Wisdom would tell her through various people, to not be with a man when she was sexually weak. Each time, she got angry and claimed that she could handle it. Each time she gave in. Truth be told, be probably slept with most of the men she ever knew.

Add that with always hanging out with drug addicts and she found herself using every time. Wisdom was rejected at every turn. She preferred the evil conduct. She preferred having fights with every boyfriend in the middle of the street. She preferred sleeping with married men in the hope that they would marry her. She preferred anything but God’s wisdom. She preferred to be the fool.

This is an extreme case, but how often do we prefer evil conduct over the “delights of wisdom?” The truth is that we do that a lot. It is more fun to gossip. It is more fun to be selfish. It is more fun to slander. It is more fun to turn away from someone in need. It is more fun to judgmental. Wisdom does not stand a chance.

What does this say about us? If we looked in the eyes of God, what would we see? Would we see ourselves looking for wisdom and enjoying the blessings that come from it? Or would we see ourselves submerged in evil conduct? We might be surprised at the true status of ourselves.