Lesson 84

Proverbs 10:20 says

The tongue of the righteous is choice silver, but the heart of the wicked is of little value.

What do you choose when a tray is laid before you with a bar of shining silver and a piece of meat that is rotten with a stink that penetrates stone? You are probably thinking that I am crazy for asking you this question. Common sense says a person would choose the silver. Who would want the meat? Yet, many times a day we choose the meat over the silver and think nothing of the stink that surrounds us.

When you use your tongue for God’s work, you choose silver. When you use selfish and mean actions with your tongue for, you are choosing rotten meat. I watch Christians preferring the meat over the silver because they refuse to focus on their actions and try to improve.

Adam cusses his grown son out every time he sees him because he keeps getting in trouble with the law. Adam chose rotten meat.

Susan was invited to dinner at someone’s house. She pointed out how the corn needed salt, the meat was tough, and the tea was too bitter. Susan chose rotten meat.

Betty spoke to a young girl who was making wrong decisions in her life that would turn her life upside down. She did not reprimand, criticize, or demean the girl. She spoke the Word of God and poured out only love. Betty chose silver.
John comments all the time how his family is not allowed to watch certain movies or eat certain foods. John chose rotten meat.

Denise made a promise to a friend and broke it. She then got angry at her friend and told her off. Denise chose rotten meat.
Paul’s friend was venting about his wife. He just needed a shoulder to cry on. Though his friend was wrong, Paul held his tongue so his friend could get it off his chest and realize his problems for himself to get them fixed. Paul chose silver.

Carol saw a friend walking into another’s house in a way that did not seem appropriate. When the person in the car asked if that was her friend, Carol said that it might have been but who knew in the dark. When her passenger tried to tell someone else, Carol cut her off and said that Christian love is not found in gossip. Carol talked to her friend privately instead. Carol chose silver.

How we use our tongue makes a big difference. Do we shine with the silver we are adorned with or do we reek of rotten meat? You might be surprised at your state.