Lesson 83

Proverbs 10:19 says

When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise.


Talk, talk, talk. Words, words, words. The chance of gossip is 100%. The words are flowing so fast and there are so many that there is no way for the mouth to catch the sin before it flows forth.

The chance of insulting someone is 100%. The brain does not filter the words before they reach the other person’s ears.
The chances of sinning are 1000%. The tongue begins speaking and does not stop. There is no chance to prevent sin. There is no chance to protect ourselves.

When the tongue is held in check, the chances of gossip, insulting someone, sinning, greatly diminishes to less than 50%. The more practice you get in holding your tongue and letting God guide what words do come out, the closer it gets to 0%.
Is it obvious how sin can come out of a mouth that never stops. Yet, we don’t stop. We shrug, apologize, and go on. We were just talking. That “just” can be deadly. There is no excuse for sinning and not caring.

How can holding your tongue show wisdom? Wisdom is knowing how to use something and when to use it. When should the tongue be used to speak? When God says so. Not when you want to express your opinions. Not when you want to let your say be heard. Not when you want anything. Speak only when God says to. How do you use your tongue? With love, wisdom, and God’s guidance.

We are each guilty of this sin. You might not talk a lot, yet still sin with the tongue. You might open your mouth at the right time, but use the wrong words that are judgmental and you have sinned. Hold your tongue. Wait for God to say when. Use tongue with only God’s words and not yours. Wisdom will prevail over sin.