Lesson 76

Proverbs 10:12 says “Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs.”

How can hatred do anything different? Hate does not like to see love. It does not enjoy someone being happy. It cannot abide the object of the hate to succeed. It wants trouble. Hate wants the person to do badly. Hate desires failure. Hate desires to share. This is one of the most powerful feelings we experience. Why? Because it goes unchecked. It feels too good.

Love does the opposite. Love might not like meatloaf, but it will eat it when invited over and will complement the cook. Love might not be viewing a Picasso, but will encourage the five year old in his endeavors. When we love someone, we might not like all that they do, but we do not want them to fail, be hurt, or have trouble. We want them to succeed.
What about “covers over all wrongs?” Never take a piece of the Bible and toss the rest out to prove a point. It all comes together and has to be used together. This does not mean that you are to become a doormat to someone. God did not put us here to be treated as dirt by those that love us. It does mean that love is stronger than all those wrongs. Your sister might be the one who always comments on how plain you look. God did not say that we are to enjoy and receive such comments. He did say the love for her is bigger than that. You are not required to give back the knife so it can be returned to your back time and time again. You are required to love them though they have faults. Love does not disappear because they sin.

When God forgives us, is that the OK to return to the sin? No! But He will love us no matter what. It does not mean that we will not face consequences. It means that He will take us back with open arms.

Hatred causes stress, depression, hurt feelings, and loneliness. Love gives encouragement, is supportive, and forgives. Which do you find yourself feeling the most? Which do you find yourself displaying the most? If hatred is more prevalent, then you need to make serious changes in your life. Love should come forth from you. If the hatred comes from others, then remove the toxic ones from your life. Immerse yourself in God’s love and ban hatred. The peace you will feel is indescribable.