Lesson 73

Proverbs is the richest land you can find.  It shows you how to conduct your everyday life in a way that is fulfilling and uplifting.  It does not miss any part of your life.  It is the greatest tool in your growth.

Proverbs 10:9 says “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.”

Before continuing, let us define integrity.  In today’s world we forget the meanings behind so many important words.  Webster’s defines it as “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values”.  When a person is full of integrity they know the moral code they live by and they do not waver.  Lying is not acceptable some times.  Stealing is not alright at times.  Betrayal is not a conditional act.  There are rights and there are wrongs.

This verse tells us a lot about integrity.  The person who goes through life everyday knowing where they stand on moral issues has no fear of the road they tread.  There is no need to hind behind a mask.  There is no need to worry about something being discovered.  Why?  Because all is already laid bare and does not heed the journey of the upright man.  There are no lies to trap him.  There are witnesses to come forth.  He can continue through life happy and content.  He does not need to look over his shoulder.  He does not need to jump at shadows.

The person who goes through life looking for shortcuts and the easy way usually finds it through unethical or illegal ways.  They want to cut through the hills and mountains and get straight to their destination.  In the process they conduct business in not such a great way.  They spend their time looking over their shoulder to see if someone saw their acts.  They worry about what might be exposed.  They worry and fret.  In fact, it is their paranoia that becomes their downfall.  They will be found out and the truth of their actions will be displayed for all to see.

Who you do want to be today?  The one of the straight path going through life secure or the one who takes the shortcuts and finds a pit?