Lesson 72

One sign of maturity is wisdom.  When a person has begun to grow in wisdom, their mouth and their attitude will reflect more than anything else.  Proverbs 10:8 says, “The wise in heart accept commands, but a chattering fool comes to ruin.”  What is this saying to us?

I knew a woman once who was always talking about how strong she was in the Spirit and how she applied the Word to her life.  She just could not understand why others could not see how much she knew and would not ask her for advice.  This was probably the case because whenever situations arose in which she was not in control she would become nasty and her tongue would slice you to ribbons.  When a character defect was pointed out to her, you would duck for cover as she was upset that you would be so thoughtless as to hurt her feelings.

Wisdom does not come from how much Bible knowledge or book knowledge you might have.  Wisdom is knowing how to apply what you have learned and how to go forward with it.  Do you think that you are wise?  How well are you at accepting direction or correction?  How well are you at being humble?  Wisdom is at its height when humility is used.  A wise person knows that they are not perfect and realizes that they need redirecting periodically.  A person full of wisdom appreciates someone who corrects them with love.

What is the opposite of wisdom?  Foolishness.  When one does not have true wisdom, they tend to run off at the mouth.  Have you heard that the person who brags about how much money they have probably does not have much?  The same can be said for wisdom.  Those that brag about how good they do things and how others should come to them for advice are usually the ones you want to avoid.  They are the “chattering fool” that “comes to ruin”.  They are running off at the mouth so much that they are wasting the time that they could be using to grow in wisdom.  How much of Proverbs do they know?  How much of the Word are they actually implementing in their lives?

Your actions reflect your heart.  If you are a selfish person, it will come out in your actions toward others.  If you are a wise person, you will exemplify wisdom through all your actions.  You will not need to proclaim how much wisdom you possess.  It will be evident.  If you are a fool, no tests need to be run to prove it.  You will let everyone know through your actions.

Are you a person “wise at heart” or are you the “chattering fool”?  How would God describe you?  Take some time and focus on Proverbs and grow a little in wisdom.