Lesson 71

In today’s society the average person does not have much experience at farming if any.  Some of us are lucky to have grown a tomato plant.  That is thanks to all the modern convenient things of our times.  We can get vegetables any time of the year just by going to our local supermarket.  And if you really want good fresh items, there are organic specialty stores.  All the wonderful advancements have taken away some valuable teachings that life has for us.  We begin to take things for granted.  We tend to get a little lazy.

Do you appreciate what goes into the food on your table?  Do you stop and think what energy was spent to bring you fresh green beans?  Whether it is in a can or fresh from the vine, sweat went into each bowlful.

Proverbs 10:5 says:

He who gathers crops in summer is a wise son,
but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son. (NIV)

If the farmer decides that the crops can wait, and wait, and wait, then before long the earth reclaims the rotten food or the animals have a buffet.  Waiting is not an option in farming.  A farmer never knows what tomorrow may bring.  If it is sunny today and the crop is ready to harvest, you harvest today.  Don’t wait till tomorrow when the rains come pelting down and make it impossible to do anything.  That is a waste of the good days given to you.

This verse is saying that putting off what needs to be done now is wrong.  It doesn’t have to apply solely to farming.  It can be applied to any part of your life: personal and professional.  The bill has to be paid this month.  If you keep putting it off till the due date is long gone, you have disgraced yourself.  The deadline for the project is coming up.  If you keep waiting till tomorrow to start it, nothing will happen.  Tomorrow will never come and you will lose your job.

When you start waiting on anything (and I mean anything), stop and really think why you are doing it.  Could there be repercussions?  Would it hurt you to take five minutes and do it now?  Stop putting things off for tomorrow so that tomorrow might be enjoyed.