Lesson 70

Proverbs is so full of useful information and should applied to our daily lives.  That is one of the reasons that it is suggested to read one verse or section of proverbs of each and focus on that one verse.  It is amazing how it can be applied to daily situations.

Look at Proverbs 10:4 (NIV)

Lazy hands make a man poor,
but diligent hands bring wealth.

Makes sense, doesn’t it.  Or can we read more into this than we should.  I know many people who seem to not do anything and they have a large bank account.  I know even more who work night and day and still don’t have two pennies to rub together when all is said and done.  That might lead us to define wealth a little bit more.

For most of us, wealth means lots of money and many possessions.  You should be able to purchase anything you anytime you want.  That is our wealth.  But couldn’t wealth go much farther than that?

Most dictionaries will define wealth as having an abundance of valuable items.  Ok, valuable.  Gold is valuable.  Diamonds are valuable.  Cars are valuable.  Friends are valuable.  Respected name is valuable.  Being healthy is valuable.  Notice how all these can be termed valuable yet not everyone would agree on every one of these?  To some gold means nothing.  To some their health means nothing.  Valuable can be a relative term.  What is valuable to one could be trash to another.  Therefore, what is considered wealth can be a relative term.

I might consider myself wealthy because I have such loyal friends.  You might not because my bank account is not over a million dollars.  This verse does not mean that if you work hard you will be wealthy beyond imagination.  It does mean that if you work hard you will benefit.  You will have your basic needs.  You will have that and more if you work hard.  While if you refuse to work, you bring in nothing.  You obtain nothing and you cannot boast of successful.

Though many people can name some people they think are lazy and make tons of money.  They might be lazy in what you see, but in their endeavors they are probably very diligent.  Even the criminal has to work hard to steal.

If you had to stand before God today, would be considered lazy or diligent?  At that moment, it all comes down to His definition of these terms.  Where do you fall?