Lesson 68

“Ill-gotten treasures are of no value, but righteousness delivers from death.” (Proverbs 10:2 )

A ten room mansion is nothing to sneeze at.  All the Van Gogh’s in it are not worthless.  The Lexus in the driveway is something.  There is nothing wrong with having those things.  It really feels good to own them when you’ve worked really hard to obtain them.  The sweat of your body bought those items.  But what if you acquired them by cheating, betraying, or down-right stealing?  Are they still as valuable?  In the “blue book” maybe.  But in your life, it is not.

When we allow greed or cravings to run our lives for more and more things, that is when we become slaves to those things.  Always wanting to get that extra buck begins to consume us.  The objects we are trying obtain then have no value in our hearts.  They are just a result of the desire that consumes our very being.

What really makes us happy?  The gold we wear?  The chipmunks in our birdfeeders?  The fact that we drive the most expensive car?  The hug of a small child?  The furniture that we cannot sit on because the cleaning bill is really high?  The time of cloud watching?

  1. Upon facing the hard reality of their wants by going to prison, they began to experience true happiness.   Their “ill-gotten treasures” were not weighing them down anymore.

What in your life is “ill-gotten”?  What can you clean out and move forward to find happiness?