Lesson 56

Wisdom comes with many benefits. Proverbs 8:18 says

With me are riches and honor,

Enduring wealth and prosperity. (NIV)

How do you define riches, wealth, and prosperity? Does it include millions in the bank, thousands of acres of land, your face on magazine covers? What exactly is all this?

When you ask anyone on the street, what kind of answer do you get? Though the answers will be many, they will generally be all the same: money, position, power, and fame. But is that true riches, wealth, and prosperity?

I consider myself rich in love (husband and children), all my basic needs met, opportunities to grow and learn, being able to live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I don’t have millions tucked away, I don’t own a ton of property, and I’m pretty much a nobody in most places. But I’m wealthy.

Wisdom brings with it riches that cannot be spent, wasted, or destroyed. It brings honor that cannot be ignored. Wisdom gives wealth beyond any human’s imagination. She gives prosperity that this world could never comprehend. It will be endured through the ages and not just over night. Wisdom does not give so it can take away.

How do you define riches? Honor? Wealth? Prosperity? Do you see how wealthy you already are? The wealth that you seek, can fire burn it? Can others steal it? Can it lose its value? If this past year has done nothing else, let it teach us a lesson that our hearts should not be in the housing industry, Wall Street, the car companies, or our jobs. Our hearts should be seeking God. It is only then can we truly be wealthy beyond what the universe can give.