Lesson 55

Wisdom is a true virtue. She is not fickle or hard to achieve. She states in Proverbs 8:17

I love those who love me,
and those who seek me find me. (NIV)

Don’t take that first line in a negative sense. She wouldn’t hate them would she? Not saying that she hates everybody else. Here she is stating that those that value wisdom and seek it will receive that love and respect back. You don’t get the benefits of wisdom by despising it or rejecting it. Think about this. Wisdom bestows love on those that value her not hate and ridicule. This is not a negative on all those that don’t love her as much as giving a positive on all those that do love her.

“those who seek me find me” – You will never seek wisdom in vain. If you truly want wisdom and will attempt to move any obstacle that comes between you and wisdom, then you will receive it. Not maybe or might. Will.

This journey to wisdom is not in vain. You will receive it, but are you diligent in seeking it? Will you set your mind and heart to seeking it daily?