Lesson 53

Let’s revisit the definition of fear.  When used in the context of fearing God, it is the definition of reverence and awe.  It is not the meaning of trembling fear used here.  How do we know this?  By taking the Bible as a whole and by scholars reading the original texts because anytime you translate from one language to another you lose something of the original.  The message is the same but the words we translate into might be lacking in the full emotional meaning.

Our next Proverbs quote says:
To fear the LORD is to hate evil;
I hate pride and arrogance,
evil behavior and perverse speech. (Proverbs 8:13 NIV)

When you have reverence for God and you respect Him in such a holy manner, you cannot in any way want evil around you.  Evil is anything that goes against morals, that goes against anything good.  When you come to God, you want to get rid of all evil and not welcome it in your life.

Wisdom is still speaking at this point and states how it cannot abide pride and arrogance which in some ways are very much the same.  When you have arrogance in you, there is no room for God to work.  Arrogance puts you in the driver’s seat and you as the main focus in life.  How can God bless you when you refuse to admit that you are not god and He is?  Are your words perfect and without error?  Are you actions what everyone should imitate?

Wisdom cannot exist with evil behavior either.  What exactly is that?  Any behavior that goes against God’s teachings.  You could say that it is any foul language, slander, drunkenness, sexual immorality, or even treating your body badly.  Is such behavior a part of your everyday life?  Do you struggle with how you act?

Wisdom cannot exist with perverse speech.  In other words any words that come out of your mouth that does not build up and ultimately praise God are perverse.  Wow!  How many toes got stepped on there (including my own)!!!!  We let just a few four letter words slip.  What is the harm in that?  We criticize others only because we know that we could have done better.  What is the harm in that?  We let others know quickly when they are in the wrong as we see it.  What is the harm in that?

Are we in a position of wanting to change our ways?  Are we ready to tell pride and arrogance goodbye?  Are we ready to admit that we don’t have all the answers?  Are we ready to admit that we might be able to learn something?      Are we ready to change our ways to achieve wisdom?  Are we ready to be humbled before God and be a vessel to His blessings?