Lesson 40

Do you know someone who seems to always have a slick word for things, can easily convince anyone to do his bidding?

Know someone who seems to cheat their way out of every circumstance no matter how minor it is?

Know someone you can truly trust because what they say to your face is not always what they really feel or if they tell others easily what was said?

Know someone who seems to always want to cause conflict? Who just can’t go a day without opening their mouth to stir up trouble?

I know several. I know many. They are the majority around me. Oh, my.

A scoundrel and villain,
who goes about with a corrupt mouth,

who winks with his eye,
signals with his feet
and motions with his fingers,

who plots evil with deceit in his heart—
he always stirs up dissension.

Therefore disaster will overtake him in an instant;
he will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.
(Proverbs 6:12-15 NIV)

These people will get their due. They seem to always get out of it. They always come out ahead. They always come out clean. But in the end they will get their punishment.

Instead of looking at those around us that fall into this description, let’s look at ourselves.

How pure is your mouth? We could talk about foul language, but I think that these verses are more about the deviousness that can come out of a mouth. Do the words coming out of your mouth designed to get something you want or twist a situation? Think of what you talk about during the day and what the intent of your words.

Do you use your mouth or hand gestures to confuse someone or signal others what is being said? Do you cross your fingers behind your back when making a promise? Are your actions and words sincere and have integrity?

Are your words and actions the cause of many fights? Do you have to make a political comment in a group of people? Do you have to bring up a controversial topic? Do you have to tell what you heard about the other person? Do you have to see if you can get one person mad at another one?

You will pay for these if you don’t recognize your part and get them straight. Yes, I’m being very blunt. But the tongue is a very dangerous thing and when the heart is not going about the business of life with a pure intent, the power it holds is beyond what any atomic bomb can give. Do you really want to be looked at as the instigator? Do you really want to have to face your God knowing this?

Take today to re-evaluate your actions and words. Where can you begin to make improvements?