Lesson 29

About now we enter really focusing on a verse a lesson and digging into it.

Proverbs 4:23 states:
Above all else, guard your heart,
for it is the wellspring of life
. (NIV)

These are very wise words.  Your heart should belong to God.  The loves that reside there are precious.  But even your true character lies there – the part of you that comes out through your actions without you even knowing about it.

How many times I’ve commented how someone was such a “Dear Heart”.  Why?  Because they did something nice and unsolicited.  Their true character rang out.  You need to guard your heart and keep it pure.  It needs to be on the right path and focused on the correct things.  This is where the responses to your children reside.  This is where the little actions come from toward your spouse.  This is where how you act to strangers asking for directions comes from.  This is where the patience to deal with others comes from.  This is where you open yourself up to God and get closer.

But, how can you “guard” it?  You can put an actual fence around it with armed soldiers.  What you can do here is follow what many of the previous verses in Proverbs already said.  Keep company with those that shun evil.  Keep your eyes on God.  Stay in the Word.  Keep those prayer times.  Don’t forsake fellowship with other believers.  Watch the influences you allow in your life daily.  This can seem daunting.  So why don’t you start off slowly.  Take the daily Bible reading.  Once you are getting that down as a healthy habit, move to the prayer times.  When you have a regular time of communicating with God, move to fellowship with other believers.  Follow this and intentionally develop a guarded heart.  You can add to the ways as we go through this study.