Peter Journal #8

“How can I thank God for the trials in my life?”

Sounds kind of crazy to thank someone for bad things.  But what can come out the trials that you experience?

  • better understanding
  • closer relationship with God
  • new friends
  • empathy for others
  • stronger faith
  • stronger character
  • new roads to travel in life.

Are these good things?  Do any of these come out of your trials that you face?  Let’s look at types of trials:

  1. Death of a loved one – I got a better understanding of healing, I drew closer to God as I leaned on Him as I cried, empathy for others who lost loved ones, stronger faith in knowing that He is in control, new roads as my life changed.
  2. Move to another city – Closer to God when there is no one else you know around you, new friends as I’m willing to let God bring them to me, stronger character as I experience so many new things.
  3. Change in jobs – Better understanding of what it means to watch your pennies, closer to God as the future is more unknown, stronger faith as I take a leap of faith that others thought was nuts.
  4. Bad things said about me – Better understanding of the Psalms, closer to God as I pleaded with Him for safety, stronger character as I stood up against it and survived.
  5. Health crises – Closer to God since He is the ultimate healer, stronger character as I stand up against scenarios that seem hopeless.

I can thank God by remembering that He is the anchor in those times and by proclaiming His wonderful works to everyone.

Thank you, God, for all that I encounter and for being there fore me through every moment.