Peter Journal #7

“What are my gifts, and how can I use them to serve others?”

After several spiritual gifts studies, I’ve pretty much narrowed down my gifts.  The confirmations I’ve received has really enforced that.

#1 was always teaching.  I love to teach.  I don’t get to do much, but that is changing.  I’m doing the Celebrate Recovery and the women’s group.  Since I’m sharing this role with others, that helps with the pressure since so much is going on.  My ideal world?  To be able to teach full-time.  Not children.  Adults.  Maybe one day.  I use this gift to help others understand the scriptures.

Discernment.  How to use it to serve others?  By warning them of danger that I’m aware of us.  That can be huge.  I’ve had to give gentle warnings of dangerous people.

Most people take their gifts and use them to exalt themselves instead of using them to serve the church which was why they were given them in the first place.  I only want to build the church up not myself.