Peter Journal #6

“What can I value about someone I find hard to love?”

That is a tough question.  I’ll be honest.  I thought and I thought and came up with nothing.

So I then thought of someone that was hard to love.  That part was easy.  What to value about them?  That took some time.  But I came up with things.

I listed these things about several people that I find hard to love:

  • they love their children
  • they never waver in their believes
  • they have a determined spirit
  • they are dedicated to their work
  • they are loyal

They might be hard to love, but they are not without value.  That is something we all seem to forget over time.  We (and I mean “I” also) need to look beyond what we see and deliberately seek out what we can value in that person.  It makes the love come so much easier.