Peter Journal #10

What spiritual discipline do I need to add to my life, and how should I start?

When I first went through the Peter study and got to this question, it was to be in the Word more.  I began by going online and writing devotionals and mini-studies on James and Proverbs and a few of Jesus’ parables.  This got me back into the habit and now it drives me nuts when I miss my time.

Now, the dicipline I need to look at is prayer.  Do I pray?  Yes.  Probably more than some people but considering that those people rarely do, that is not saying much I guess.  What I need is a more dedicated time and a more concentrated time.  I pray as I see a need.  I pray as I thank Him for blessings for small and large.  I pray as I feel alone.  But do I just stop and listen, praise Him, seek His guidance.  Not the way I really should.

So this will become a goal of mine.  I’m going to begin a personal study on prayer and see where He guides me.