Peter Journal #1

I was recently involved in a women’s study through the books of 1 and 2 Peter.  We just concluded and like with many studies I do, I go back and rethink of questions that answered or just couldn’t quite answer at that moment.  I’ll work on those here.

One of the first journalling question asked of us was “What blessings has God given me?”  You can easily come up with the standard ones: home, family, friends, etc.  But those have become such pet answers that I just cannot seem to give those.  Then I read an article in which really inspired me.  101 Things to be Grateful for was a kind of eye opener for me.  Instead of just saying my health, the author goes into detail: heart, lungs, etc.  She breaks it all down to really paying attention to what she is thankful for.  So thinking along those lines….

1.  I’m blessed with a little girl who loves to cuddle me.

2.  I’m blessed with a son who asks to spend time with me.

3.  I’m blessed with a daughter who uses her talents.

4.  I’m blessed with friends who are there when the times get tough.

5.  I’m blessed with my eyesight.

6.  I’m blessed with my hearing.

7.  I’m blessed with the ability to walk and move around.

8.  I’m blessed with opportunities to serve.

9.  I’m blessed with surprising opportunities.

10.  I’m blessed with a God who is patient with me.