Too Many Projects

by formenyanoore

I have way too many projects in front of me and brewing in my head. About to drive me crazy. But they will eventually be created for your enjoyment.

I usually have several going on at one time. If items need embellishments like buttons, I create the main piece and then set it aside to do them all at one time. I hate to thread a needle for a small project or heat up the glue gun for one thing. So that means I have about twenty items sitting and waiting for me at any given time.

I have the projects that are kind of repetitive to me such as the soapcloths as the pattern I use is almost the same for each one. I have started experimenting with a new one. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also got some vintage experiments going on. I’m taking vintage edging and insert patterns and converting them to jewelry. Here’s my first one.

The original pattern was from the early 1900s and was layered more than this piece. My final piece will be much more delicate as I’ll use thinner thread.

As I’m winging most of this, I’ve got some friends who are going to help me out. I’m sending them the prototypes and they’ll comment back on changes to improve it. They’ll also review the “final” piece to make sure it lays right. Their pay? They get to the keep the real final product which I hope is spectacular.

I’ve got another one that the instructions were way to cumbersome. I redid them and they are much better. We’ll see what my reviewer has to say about that.