Trouble With Pictures

by formenyanoore

I’ve got my item made. I’m excited. I take the picture to upload to Etsy and what do I get? This.

The quality is horrible. The real soapcloth in my hand is solid black. The color is rich and deep. Yet the picture doesn’t do it justice.

I’m using my camcorder to take pictures. Sometimes it does an amazing job.

Yet, most of my Etsy shots are not good at all. They lack so much. In a few weeks, I’m getting a much better camera that I hope will change all that. But what do I do about my Etsy items until then. I’ve got to rack my brain about this one.

I struggle with the marketing aspect of my shop. I’m not good at it and don’t fully understand it all. I have things that people seem to like but I can’t get any sells. I really don’t know anyone who is good at this either. Just very frustrating.

I’ve got Christmas items being made and will be tackling some vintage baby items and even New Year’s pieces. Guess I’ll wait until the new camera comes and I get better at picture taking. Sucks that I got a good product but can’t show it because I can’t take a picture.

So, what’s really going on in my craft world?

I’ve been taking quite a few pictures of the nature scenes around our new home. That has been loads of fun. Today I got a good picture of a hawk (pictured above). Found grouse on the road, antelope on the hills, and some unknown critter that we can’t figure out yet.

I’m finishing up Christmas soapcloths, coasters, and hair barrettes. When they are done, I’ll be working on a pineapple bib. Got a few baby items I want to make because I have a friend going to have a little girl next month.

Then…… I can’t wait to jump on my Irish crocheting. I’ve been wanting to master that for a long time. Will be nice to finally learn it.

Stay tuned. I’ll try to have better pictures soon and maybe even a few products.